New Online Music Theory Program

We are currently developing a new ONLINE THEORY COURSE following the Trinity College of Music syllabus.

We are anticipating the course to go live in the fall of 2017, and are also planning subsequent courses that will assist students from Grade 1 through 8.

The course is designed as a tool for both student and teacher, and has a number of worksheets (question and answer sheets), and students progress through the course at their own pace. Teachers can use the course either as a standalone or complimentary teaching aid.

Trumpet Tunes


Many years ago I was given a trumpet as a gift… and many years ago I started playing that same trumpet until a baby girl arrived in my home whose ears were too sensitive to handle the spurts and splutters of a novice on brass. So, the trumpet got shelved. And then life happened and the trumpet slowly faded from memory. The baby girls is now no longer baby, and I thought it may be a good time to resurrect my brass dreams. So out came the trumpet, albeit a little tarnished, and I tried a couple of notes again, until I got complaints from one of the adolescents sharing my home. Then I thought that perhaps I can still get some joy by capturing some brass photos… these I share with great delight.








(you’ll notice I am alone, away from any…

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